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Omegle is one of the most popular Chatroulette alternatives

Omegle was one of the first free random video chat sites to become very popular. It started out as a text-only random chat site but it added video streams in 2009, short after its release. At the time of our review it claimed to have 23.000+ users online.

Very popular chat room despite cluttered interface

This Chatroulette alternative has a couple of chat options. But it might take you some time to figure these out since the overall look of the site is cluttered and hasn’t changed much over the years. It seems that options and features just have been added to Omegle without thinking about interface or usability. To guide you through this site like Chatrandom, we’ll discuss the features below.

If you like to chat with strangers online or have a random one-on-one cam chat, Omegle is worth checking out. Mainly because it has so many users. By the click of a button you can connect with a new random stranger and start talking. You will almost never see the same user twice and videos are loading fast.

Omegle features: text-only random chat

Omegle kept its original feature of text-only random chat. So now, you can choose between text-only chat or to have a chat with video streams. For all the chat rooms that this website provides you can select a language. The site will than try to connect you with users with the same language. This is a nice feature if you want to meet strangers from your geographical area. Or if you want to have a conversation in your native language. Once you get passed the homepage, the interface of the text-only chat looks pretty clean. The main part of the chat window is made up of the area where you can follow the random chat conversation. On the bottom of the screen there is a button to go to the next stranger, a button to submit your text and an area to type your text. From time to time a vertical banner will slide in from the right of the screen.

Omegle features: spy question mode

Next to the text-only chat version there is also a spy (question) mode for you to try. This feature works as follows: In spy or question mode there is an interaction between three randomly chosen people. One person can ask a question which the two other persons can discuss. The person who asks the question can follow the conversation but cannot take part in it. In this mode you can choose whether you want to discuss a question or want to ask the question. If you are one of the persons discussing the question, you can decide to go to the next question if you get bored or want to have another conversation or question.

Clean video chat in the moderated section

The random video chat section of this site is divided into two areas. You can have a clean random video chat in the moderated video section. Go to this Omegle section if you are just looking for fun or want to have a good time or a friendly chat. If you are looking to get kinky or down right nasty, it’s a good idea to have a go in the unmoderated section. In this adults only section you are guaranteed to encounter some explicit sexual video streams. So beware if you enter. If you are 18 or older you have the freedom to view and share some explicit video streams here.

The design of the moderated video chat section is similar to the text-only feature. But of course two windows for the video streams are added to the left of the screen. After allowing access to your webcam and mic (through the Flash player pop-up window) you can see your own video stream appearing at the bottom. You can select your webcam and microphone source if you hover over this window. And you can always choose to mute your cam and mic. If you hover over the stranger’s video window you can just choose to mute his or her microphone. Below these two windows is a button to save a screenshot of yours and the stranger’s video stream on your computer. This is a nice feature but you should always be aware that someone can save a picture of you.

Get kinky in the sexually explicit unmoderated section

If you enter the unmoderated section you are first presented with a pop-up window. It tells you that you are entering the Omegle unmoderated section and that you are most likely to encounter sexual behaviour. If you are over 18, you can enter the unmoderated section at your own risk. Remember that you are responsible for your own behaviour. The interface of the unmoderated section looks a lot more cluttered with fake buttons. These buttons that link to promoted adult content are displayed at the bottom of the screen. They are showing up between random video chat conversations. Omegle tries to monetize its popular chat site and huge user base by adding these buttons and banners to the unmoderated section. While this can be very annoying, it has to be said that by using this approach the moderated video chat section can remain clean and almost free of ads.

Talk to strangers with common interests on Omegle

Omegle added a nice feature to all its chat rooms: You can optionally input your interests and Omegle will try to connect you to a stranger with common interests. If no one with similar interests is found, you are just connected with a random stranger.

College student chat

And finally you have the option to chat with college students in the college student chat section. But first you will have to confirm that you actually are a student by submitting an email address that ends in .edu.

Omegle is one of the big three random video chat sites at the moment. It can certainly stand up against Chatroulette and Chatrandom. But a complete rethinking of the interface and a thorough redesign would boost its popularity even more. We certainly recommend this Chatroulette alternative. Its many users and fast loading video streams are its biggest qualities. If you want to have fun on a free random video chat website without registration you will surely have fun on Omegle once you get to discover its features.